Teacher Resources

Teacher Resources

Are YOU a teacher who wants to get their students excited in STEM careers? With each episode of Science Around Cincy, we will be sharing classroom resources to help local educators engage their kids with the videos. We want to help you build the next generation of scientists, inventors, engineers, and researchers!

Season 1

Clara do Amaral – Frog CryobiologistDiscussion Guide: Clara do Amaral – Frog Cryobiologist
Freezing Point Depression Lab
Life cycles of plants and animals, adaptations, solutions3rd, Chemistry
Terri Roth and CREW – Extinction SaversDiscussion Guide: Terri Roth and Crew – Extinction Savers
Modeling Genetic Diversity Activity
Environmental Changes and survival, population genetics4th, Biology
Brooke Crowley – Chemistry DetectiveDiscussion Guide: Brooke Crowley – Chemistry Detective
Modeling Half-Life Decay
Environmental Changes and survival, niches and food webs, atoms, atomic structure, nuclear chemistry4th, 5th, 6th, Physical Science, Chemistry
Cory Christopher – Backyard NaturalistDiscussion Guide: Cory Christopher – Backyard Naturalist
Native Garden Planner
Pollinator Garden Observation Journal
Life cycles of plants and animals, niches and food webs, biomes, ecosystems3rd, 5th, 7th, Biology
Brenda Hunda – Tails of the TrilobitesDiscussion Guide: Dr. Brenda Hunda – Tails of the Trilobites
Lab: Modeling Relative Dating and Laws of Stratigraphy
Adaptations, Fossils, Fossil Record, natural selection3rd, 4th, 8th
Richard Lu – Genes on the BrainDiscussion Guide: Richard Lu – Genes on the Brain
Mutation Telephone Activity
Cells, cellular structure, mutations6th, Biology
Maria Espinola – Alternative TherapyMaria Espinola – Discussion Guide Social emotional learning
Bailing Out Heros Egg Drop ChallengeKinetic and potential energy, conservation of energy, net forces, forces6th, 7th, 8th, Physical Science, Physics

Season 2

Mammoth CavesDiscussion Guide: Rachel Bosch – Mammoth Caves
Mammoth Caves – Vocab Cards
Modeling Physical and Chemical Weathering
Erosion and Deposition Lab
Stream Erosion and Deposition Lab
Erosion and deposition, earth’s surface 4th, 8th
Young ScientistsRubber Band RocketryNature of science, experimental set up, scientific method3rd-12th
Geologic TimelineGeologic Timeline
Geology Timeline – Vocab Cards
Fossil, fossil record4th, 8th
Gravitational LensingStars, reflection, refraction, absorption, wave behavior5th, physics
Expansion of the UniverseModeling the Big Bang
Expansion of the Universe – Vocab Cards
Stars, the Universe5th, physical science
PawPaws with Great Parks of Hamilton CountyLife cycles of plants and animals, adaptations3rd
At Home Science: Finding FossilsFossils, fossil record4th, 8th
The RhinedThe Rhined – Discussion Guide
The Rhined – Vocab Cards
Lab: Making Cheese
Cells, cellular processes6th, biology
Science Around Cincy: Edge of the FarmEdge of the Farm – Discussion Guide
Edge of the Farm – Vocab Cards
Activity – Native Garden Planner
Pollinator Observation Journal
Ecosystems, Biomes, Invasive Species, Adaptations, biodiversity3rd, 4th, 5th, 7th, biology
How to find bus w/ The Bug Chicks

80 Acres Farms
80 Acres Farm – Discussion Guide
UV Radiation and Plant Growth Lab

Niches, life cycles, cellular processes, robotics
3rd, 4th, 5th, 7th,

UC Power Plant
UC Power Plan – Discussion Guide
Electromagnet lab
Types of energy, conservation of energy, electricity,3rd, 4th, 6th, 7th, Physical science

Morehouse Lab
Morehouse Lab – Discussion Guide
Sexual Selection – Activity
Sexual selection, adaptations, natural selection, evolution,4th, 8th, biology

Fire Chemistry w/ The Cincinnati Fire Department
Combustion reaction lab
Oxygen and Flame Activity
Atoms, state changes, chemical properties, reactions, Thermodynamics6th, 7th, physical science, chemistry

Nanotube technology
Nanotube Technology – Discussion Guide
Lewis Dot Skittles Activity
Atoms, bonding, reactions. chemical properties6th, 7th, physical science, chemistry