Season 2

Season 2

Mammoth Caves

Science Around Cincy takes a field trip to learn how erosion and weathering have shaped Mammoth Cave over the last 5 million years!

Young Scientists

You’re never too young to be a scientist! We check out the Science and Engineering Fair of Northern Kentucky to see how students are exploring and learning about the world around them.

Geologic Timeline

The Earth is around 4.6 billion years old. Chris laces up his running shoes to show exactly how much time that his and how our planet has changed since it’s formation!

Expansion of the Universe

Matt Bayliss explains how evidence for the Big Bang and how the Universe is continuing to expand!

The Rhined

Stephanie Webster from The Rhined cheese shop in Findlay Market shows Chris how bacteria turn milk into cheese!

Edge of the Farm

Hays Cummins and Donna McCullum how Chris how they have restored 40 acres of farmland into native wetlands and prairie.

How to Find Bugs w/ the Bug Chicks

Kristie and Jessica from The Bug Chicks teach us the best places to find bugs!

80 Acre Farms

Chris visits 80 Acre Farms to see how they use renewable energy and robots to farm indoors.

UC Power Plant

Energy engineer Sid Thathem and stationary engineer Mojo Allen show Chris how the Central Utility Plant provides the University of Cincinnati and UC Health with electricity!

Morehouse Lab

Chris visits Morehouse Labs to learn how jumping spiders find a mate!

Mammoth Caves

Chief Flagler from the Cincinnati Fire Department shows Chris the elements of a fire and how to put our a blaze

Nanotube Technology

Chris visits Noe Alvarez’s lab to learn about carbon nanotubes and how they can be used to make prosthetics!