Each day new discoveries are made by scientists about the world around us But did you know that many of those brilliant and creative people are making their breakthroughs right here in Cincinnati?

Science Around Cincy is a video series sharing the stories of the people who work in science in the Cincinnati area. Each episode features a different scientist, their work, and their passion.

In addition to sharing each individual’s story, we want to inspire the next generation of scientist and engineers. Classroom resources and activities, free to teachers and parents, are paired with each featured video, making what kids learn in schools relevant to their lives and their city.

So if you are like us and love science, subscribe to our channel and join us for the adventure!

Our Team

Chris Anderson – Executive producer, Host

Chris Anderson – Creator and host.

Chris Anderson is a science educator with a passion for inspiring curiosity in young people. Originally from Elyria, Ohio, Chris began his career teaching physical science and biology at Princeton High School. Since then, he has worked as an instructional coach for Hamilton County Education Service Center, working with K-12 science teachers across Cincinnati Public Schools.

Chris came up with the idea for Science Around Cincy in 2018 after encouragement from his friends to make videos that would feature the work of scientists and engineers and his own enthusiasm for learning. He has hosted and produced dozens of episodes that have had a positive impact on Cincinnati area classrooms; providing teachers with free, high-quality instructional materials and getting students engaged with science and STEM. In addition to his work on Science Around Cincy, Chris also hosts and produces OutSCIder Classroom, a video series that teaches middle school science through America’s National Parks.

Outside his work in science education, Chris enjoys running, hiking, and doing the crossword with his partner, Mary Ellen, on their porch.

Kennedy Johnson- Producer, Director

Kennedy is a senior Electronic Media and Broadcasting Major at NKU, and does a little bit of everything for Science Around Cincy- from directing to producing to camera! She has always had an interest in marine biology. Did you know there’s 20 million pounds of gold in the ocean?

Cameron Hollstegge- Camera, Editor

Cameron is a camera operator and editor for Science Around Cincy, and loves working with all of his coworkers! He aspires to be a film director and occasionally likes to write. This is his second season with SAC, and is very excited to see what the season has to offer!

Arianna Manners – Illustrator

Arianna Manners is a dedicated artist at Northen Kentucky University studying bb
Dedicated Illustrator and Animator with a decorated background in a variety of artistic mediums. Highly experienced in illustration and Digital art forms. Arianna began drawing at a young age, starting with Pokémon and eventually branching out into learning all kinds of mediums and subjects to illustrate and animate.

Aside from creating art, Arianna is really into video games and building cars, often taking those subjects into her art. She currently is working as the Animator and Illustrator for Science Around Cincy.

William Iles- Senior Writer, Camera

William is a senior Electronic Media and Broadcast major at NKU. This is his first season working for Science Around Cincy, joining the crew as senior writer! Indie film and screenwriting are his biggest passions, and he is always itching to make the next short film with his friends!

From a very young age writing has been his most significant focus, and he is more than excited to apply that passion to the 4th season of the show!

Abby Murphy- Host, Editor

Abby is a junior Electronic Media and Broadcasting student at NKU. This is her second season with Science Around Cincy as a camera operator, editor, occasional director, and now host!

Ever since she was a kid, Abby has loved learning about the outdoors and all things nature! She is so grateful to SAC for giving her the opportunity to explore the area and teach science in the process!

When she’s not working with SAC, you can find Abby hiking, reading, or listening to the Beatles!

Zoey Desmond- Camera, Editor

Zoey is a senior EMB student at northern Kentucky university. This is her second year with science around Cincy, working as a camera operator, audio technician and an editor. She loves exploring new places, traveling and trying new foods. Her favorite type of science is Psychology. She loves learning about the brain and how neurochemistry affects behavior! Zoey is really looking forward to working with her friends on this upcoming season! 

John Gibson – executive producer and editor

John Gibson is a lecturer and producer at Northern Kentucky University; he teaches in the Electronic Media and Broadcasting Program and has a passion for storytelling. Outside the classroom, Gibson has directed a feature film, Revelation Trail (available on Amazon and at other North American retailers), and numerous short films, client work, and promotional work. He serves as the post-production supervisor* for Science around Cincy.

As a kid, he wanted to be a dinosaur. Not “study dinosaurs.” No…he wanted to literally be a T-Rex. When he decided that wasn’t scientifically or biologically possible, he was heartbroken, but still kept a passion for paleontology and history.

Vic Malone- Sound Engineer, Editor

Vic is a senior at NKU. They mainly handle sound for Science Around Cincy, and makes sure that Chris and all the scientists he gets to meet sound as good as possible! Vic has always loved math and anthropology.

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