Each day new discoveries are made by scientists about the world around us But did you know that many of those brilliant and creative people are making their breakthroughs right here in Cincinnati?

Science Around Cincy is a video series sharing the stories of the people who work in science in the Cincinnati area. Each episode features a different scientist, their work, and their passion.

In addition to sharing each individual’s story, we want to inspire the next generation of scientist and engineers. Classroom resources and activities, free to teachers and parents, are paired with each featured video, making what kids learn in schools relevant to their lives and their city.

So if you are like us and love science, subscribe to our channel and join us for the adventure!

Our Team

Chris Anderson – Executive producer and host

Chris Anderson is a science educator and communicator whose passion is education people and kids how the world around us works. In addition to producing and hosting Science Around Cincy, he is an instructional coach at the Hamilton County ESC, working with teachers and educators in Cincinnati Public Schools. He is also the founder and explorer-in-chief of the Science Over Everything, a blog that explains current events in science and why they are relevant in our lives.

Outside his work in science education, Chris is a avid conservationist, and enjoys hiking, backpacking and exploring our country’s amazing public lands.

Jordan Bardgett – Director and editor

Jordan Bardgett is a senior Electronic Media and Broadcasting major at Northern Kentucky University where also work as producer/director of commercial work for the school’s on-campus production company, NorseMedia. They are an enthusiastic student filmmaker who is heavily involved with Norse Film Society on NKU’s campus as it’s vice president in addition to directing short films. They serve as a director in production for Science Around Cincy.

Corinne Byrne – Social Media Manager

“Corinne is a Junior journalism major at NKU with a minor in studio arts. She is also the Arts and Life editor for NKU’s independent student news organization the Northerner. She has had a passion for writing, science, pop culture and understanding how social media has affected our society since she was in high school. Her younger sister once called her an “aspiring social media influencer,” although her main goal is to someday write for a music publication. 

Michael Pikar – Director and editor

Michael Pikar is a student at Northern Kentucky University majoring in Electronic Media and Broadcasting. Ever since his freshman year of high school, Michael has been passionate, dedicated, and intrigued with the film making process.  When he saw a documentary on Steven Spielberg at the age of 12 he has wanted to become part of the world of digital storytelling.

Aside from making movies he also enjoys playing piano, shooting pool, and eating as much food as he can without getting sick. He currently works as a director and editor on Science Around Cincy and has loved every minute of it.

John Gibson – executive producer and editor

John Gibson is a lecturer and producer at Northern Kentucky University; he teaches in the Electronic Media and Broadcasting Program and has a passion for storytelling. Outside the classroom, Gibson has directed a feature film, Revelation Trail (available on Amazon and at other North American retailers), and numerous short films, client work and promotional work. He serves as the post-production supervisor* for Science around Cincy. 

As a kid, he wanted to be a dinosaur. Not “study dinosaurs.” No…he wanted to literally be a T-Rex. When he decided that wasn’t scientifically or biologically possible, he was heartbroken, but still kept a passion for paleontology and history. 

Our Partners

Questions? Concerns? Ideas for scientists to feature? Email us at sciaroundcincy@gmail.com!

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