Each day new discoveries are made by scientists about the world around us But did you know that many of those brilliant and creative people are making their breakthroughs right here in Cincinnati?

Science Around Cincy is a video series sharing the stories of the people who work in science in the Cincinnati area. Each episode features a different scientist, their work, and their passion.

In addition to sharing each individual’s story, we want to inspire the next generation of scientist and engineers. Classroom resources and activities, free to teachers and parents, are paired with each featured video, making what kids learn in schools relevant to their lives and their city.

So if you are like us and love science, subscribe to our channel and join us for the adventure!

Our Team

Chris Anderson – Executive producer and host

Chris Anderson is a science educator and communicator whose passion is educating people and kids how the world around us works. In addition to producing and hosting Science Around Cincy, he is an instructional coach at the Hamilton County ESC, working with teachers and educators in Cincinnati Public Schools. He is also the founder and explorer-in-chief of the Science Over Everything, a blog that explains current events in science and why they are relevant in our lives. 

Outside his work in science education, Chris is an avid conservationist and enjoys hiking, backpacking, and exploring our country’s amazing public lands. 

Jordan Bardgett – Director and editor

Jordan Bardgett is a senior Electronic Media and Broadcasting major at Northern Kentucky University where also works as producer/director of commercial work for the school’s on-campus production company, NorseMedia. They are an enthusiastic student filmmaker who is heavily involved with the Norse Film Society on NKU’s campus as it’s a vice president in addition to directing short films. They serve as a director in production for Science Around Cincy.

Aria Brice – Director and videographer

Aria Brice serves as the director and a videographer for this year’s season of Science Around Cincy. She is originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, and has had a wonderful time being a part of series. Aria also works with the Local 209 Film Union as a Grip and Electric crew member.

Arianna Manners – Illustrator

Arianna Manners is currently the illustrator for Science Around Cincy, creating all her work on her iPad pro. Arianna has always loved to draw, having pencil and paper ready at any given moment to draw Pokémon, Star Wars, Marvel characters as well as her favorite bands. She also enjoys learning how to illustrate new things. Arianna looks to one day become an illustrator or animator for a video games or films. Her paassion is bringing stories to life. You can follow her art journey on social media @AriAlmighty.

Zach Meyers – Audio Engineer

Zach Meyers is recent graduate from Northern Kentucky University with a degree in Electronic Media and Broadcasting and as well as a graduate of The Recording Workshop in Chillicothe, Ohio. Both of these educational pursuits have fueled his interest in film, documentary, and audio production. Currently outside of working on Science Around Cincy, Zach is the Audio Production lead for the Cincinnati Park Board, running sound for community events and concerts. This work has also drawn be to having a strong interest in the science behind circuitry and acoustics. Zach has greatly enjoyed working on Science Around Cincy and every shoot is another great opportunity to learn something new that happens right around the corner!

Megan Mixon – Associate producer and editor

Megan Mixon and is a senior at Northern Kentucky University studying Electronic Media & Broadcasting with a minor in Creative Writing. Megan began making films at age ten and since then has developed a love for telling stories of all kinds. Some of her favorite film genres are fantasy and sci-fi, citing the film Interstellar as inspiration to take an astronomy course in college. Megan loves learning about the universe and our own planet. Telling stories and sharing information while also learning new things has been an exciting opportunity for her, one that Megan hopes to continue in the future. 

Michael Pikar – Camera and editor

Michael Pikar is a student at Northern Kentucky University majoring in Electronic Media and Broadcasting. Ever since his freshman year of high school, Michael has been passionate, dedicated, and intrigued by the film making process. When he saw a documentary on Steven Spielberg at the age of 12 he has wanted to become part of the world of digital storytelling.

Aside from making movies he also enjoys playing piano, shooting pool, and eating as much food as he can without getting sick. He currently works as a director and editor on Science Around Cincy and has loved every minute of it.

John Gibson – executive producer and editor

John Gibson is a lecturer and producer at Northern Kentucky University; he teaches in the Electronic Media and Broadcasting Program and has a passion for storytelling. Outside the classroom, Gibson has directed a feature film, Revelation Trail (available on Amazon and at other North American retailers), and numerous short films, client work, and promotional work. He serves as the post-production supervisor* for Science around Cincy.

As a kid, he wanted to be a dinosaur. Not “study dinosaurs.” No…he wanted to literally be a T-Rex. When he decided that wasn’t scientifically or biologically possible, he was heartbroken, but still kept a passion for paleontology and history.

Jason Houston – Videographer and photographer

Jason Houston is an Electronic Media and Broadcasting student at Northern Kentucky University. In addition to working on Science Around Cincy, he works on NKU’s Media Services and Broadcast Crew. Jason has had an absolute blast working on Science Around Cincy, from the crew to the people we were getting to meet. “I had the great privilege to work as one of the shows camera operators and capture some of the amazing moments you see in these episodes.” Jason hopes to continue to work in such a fun environment as a camera operator.

Kerry Stephens – Audio engineer

Kerry Stephens is a freelance sound mixer and audio engineer in the Cincinnati area. Along with recording sound for commercials, shorts, and feature-length films, she also works as a concert engineer for Cincinnati waterfront parks (which is where Cincy’s geological timeline is)! She is a 2020 NKU graduate from the Electronic Media and Broadcasting program.

Kerry may not be a scientist, but she loves to learn about native plants and pollinators in the Cincinnati area! She often tries (and fails) to cultivate native plants on the back porch of her apartment. Kerry is also a conspiracy theorist, an enthusiast for the music genre “ska”, and a mother to a very mean cat.

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