COVID Shorts


How to Wash Your Hands

The best way to keep germs from spreading? Washing your hands! Chris explains the best way to wash your hands to keep you, your friends, and your family safe!

Why Soap Works

Why is washing your hands with soap so good at killing germs? Because of its chemistry! Learn the differences between non-polar and polar molecules and why washing with soap is important for your health!

Social Distancing

Social distancing can keep you and others from getting sick! Learn how you can do your part to keep your friends and family healthy and “flatten the curve”!

How to wash your hands

Learn how herd immunity protects people from getting sick and why it’s so important to get your vaccine!


Learn how vaccines protect you and other people from getting sick!

COVID Convos w/ Dr. Maggie Powers

Chris talks with Dr. Maggie Powers of the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine about how the Moderna COVID vaccine was tested here in Cincinnati!

COVID Convos w/ Dr. Andy Beck

Chris talks with Dr. Andy Beck of Children’s Hospital about how and why COVID impacts communities differently.