Season 3

Season 3

Soil Science

Abby visits Gorman Heritage Farm to get the dirt on soil and the nutrients plants need to grow and produce fruit.

Edible Entomology

The Bug Chicks Kristie Reddick and Jess Honaker face off in an Iron Chef style contest to see who can cook the best meal with insects.

Robot Surgery

Dr. Julian Guitron invites Chris to the operating room where he uses robots and virtual reality to perform live saving surgeries.

Where do we get our Weather?

WLWT Meteorologist Allison Rogers explains why Cincinnati’s weather is so unpredictable.

Climate vs. Weather

WLWT Meteorologist Allison Rogers explains the difference between climate and weather.

Predicting the Weather

Abby visits the National Weather Service lab in Wilmington for a balloon launch and Chris and Allison Rogers take the data collected in the atmosphere to make a weather forecast.

Lego Robotics

Young Scientists at iSpace use lego robotics in fun problem solving challenges!

What’s That Smell?

Chris plays a game called “What’s That Smell?” in which he has to name the familiar smells associated with common chemical compounds.

Taste vs. Smell

Flavor chemist Juan Sanchez explains the difference between taste and smell and Chris does some blind taste testing!

DIY Rockets

Young Scientists at iSpace Science Camp learn how to build, test, and perfect a flying rocket!

Precious Plastic

Chris visits Precious Plastic Cincy and learns how they reuse and recycle landfill-bound plastics using new technology!

Me and My Microbiome

Chris meets Dr. Senu Apewokin, an infectious disease specialist at UC Health, and learns about the technology and methods they use to find treatments!

Dough Biochemistry

Chris learns about the chemical process of making and baking dough- and how the pizza experts at Fireside use it to bake delicious pizza!

Farming Mushrooms

Chris meets Pete and Emalee Richman, the owners of Rich Life Farms, and learns about their mushroom cultivating process!

iMission: Impossible

Chris visits an iSpace Science Camp and meets some young scientists as they embark on a space adventure!

Return to Mammoth Cave

Science Around Cincy takes a field trip to learn how erosion and weathering have shaped Mammoth Cave over the last 5 million years!

Pizza Thermodynamics

Chris visits Fireside Pizza to learn about the thermodynamics that go into baking delicious pizza pies!

Running Biomechanics

Chris learns about the process of training for and running a half marathon!