Rachel Bosch – Geomorphologist

Rachel Bosch shares her path to become a scientist and what it’s like to be a geomorphologist and study how caves form (spoiler alert: It’s pretty cool).

Matt Bayliss – Astrophysicist

Matt Bayliss talks about how he became an astrophysicist and the mysteries of the Universe he likes to solve.

 Stephanie Webster – Microbiologist Monger

Stephanie Webster shared her journey from science teacher to teaching her customers about the wonders of cheese!

Hays Cummins and Donna McCullum – Teaching Around the World

Hays Cummins and Donna McCullum share how they travel the world to teach students how to care for our planet!

Love Pyles – Project Engineer

Love Pyles from 80 Acres Farms shares how Grant Imahura from Mythbusters inspired him to become an engineer. Also, he name is awesome.

Sid Thatham – Energy Engineer

Sid Thathem talks about his role as an energy engineer and what inspired him to become a scientist!

 Mojo Allen – Stationary Engineer

Mojo Allen shares his journey in becoming a stationary engineer and his role in helping provide power to the University of Cincinnati

Nate Morehouse – Evolving teacher

Nate Morehouse talks about being fascinated with living things while growing up in a city.

Olivia Harris – Seeing Evolution

Olivia Harris explains how she learns how jumping spiders see the world around them.

David Outomuro – Evolutionary biologist

David Outomuro shares how his childhood insect collection set him on a path to learn about color vision in spiders.

Jenny Sung – Evolution of Dance (for spiders)

Jenny Sung’s natural curiosity fuels her quest to understand how and why jumping spiders dance for their mates.

Noe Alvarez – Carbon Chemist

Noe Alvarez shares what fascinates him about nanotubes and how his grandfather encouraged his curiosity.

James Mack – Mechanochemist

James Mack shares how his mother and a chemistry set put him on the path to become a scientist.

LaTonya Jackson – Ecotoxicologist

LaTonya Jackson shares why she became an ecotoxicologist and how her work helps communities that have disproportionally hurt by pollution.

Maria Gonzalez – Aquatic Biologist

Maria Gonzales shares how growing by the ocean and having a great mentor inspired her to become an aquatic biologist.