Season 1

Season 1

Clara do Amaral – Frog Cryobiologist

Frogs have one of nature’s coolest adaptations to survive winter – they freeze solid! Dr. Clara do Amaral of Mount St. Joseph University researchers how these animals turn themselves into frogsicles!

Terri Roth and CREW – Extinction Savers

From big cats to Sumatran rhinos to shrubs native to the American Southwest, Terri Roth and the Center for Conservation and Research of Endangered Wildlife (CREW) is working to save our planet’s amazing species.

Brooke Crowley – Chemistry Detective

Dr. Brooke Crowely from the University of Cincinnati isn’t an ordinary scientist – she’s a chemistry detective – reconstructing ancient food webs using lemur bones from over 10,000 years ago!

Cory Christopher – Backyard Naturalist

Native plants provide a home for insects, birds, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians and provide clean air and water for humans. Dr. Cory Christopher shows us around the Cincinnati Nature Center native plant greenhouse and explains why planting native plants instead of foreign or invasive species can support a healthy and diverse ecosystem!

Richard Lu – Genes on the Brain

Brain cancer and Alzheimer’s are two of the most devastating diseases anyone could succumb to. Dr. Richard Lu and his lab at Children’s Hospital are using advanced genetic techniques like CRISPR and PCR to find a cure.

Brenda Hunda – Trails from the Trilobites

Trilobites ruled Earth’s oceans for 250 million years – twice as long as the dinos! Dr. Brenda Hunda from the Cincinnati Museum Center explains what these ancient creatures can tell us about our planet’s history.

Maria Espinola – Alternative Therapy

Some of us experience events in our lives that are so overwhelming, stressful, or frightening, that they can leave unseen scars for years after they happen. Dr. Maria Espinola has been researching how working with horses can help people who have experienced trauma.

Bailing out Heroes

The engineers at Bailout Systems are engineering a solution that uses simple physics principals to save the lives of rescue workers.