Brain cancer and Alzheimer’s are two of the most devastating diseases anyone could succumb to. Nearly 6 million Americans are affected by Alzheimer’s alone – people who are parents, grandparents, siblings, and friends. These are diseases that may have even affected some you love – which is why Dr. Richard Lu and his lab at Children’s Hospital are doing all they can to find a cure.

I didn’t know Dr. Lu before we made his episode. I had found some of his research online and sent an email to him without any introduction. Instead of ignoring a complete stranger, he invited me and the rest of the Science Around Cincy team into his lab to explain his work as if we were life long friends. He is as kind as he is brilliant, which is perhaps why he has focused on finding a treatment for these heartbreaking afflictions.

Discussion Guide: Richard Lu – Genes on the Brain

Mutation Telephone Activity

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